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Issue 9 - July 2017

Alliance announces Autumn events

The Structural Concrete Alliance has announced the dates and locations for its remaining free to attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars and Demonstration Days during 2017.

Having held two successful Practical Demonstration Days in the south, the Alliance is now planning a third event. Demonstration Day North will take place on 6 September in Leigh, Lancashire. Running from 9-3.30pm, the Demonstration Day will offer delegates an opportunity to witness interactive demonstrations of key repair, protection, strengthening and sprayed concrete techniques. Click to view a video of the last event.

Delegates visit five separate demonstration stations. Each station will feature live displays highlighting the key preparation, skills and techniques involved in: concrete repairs; carbon fibre strengthening; concrete testing; sprayed concrete; and cathodic protection and monitoring systems. 

Delegates will also be given an opportunity to discuss their queries with members of the Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA), Concrete Repair Association (CRA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) who will be exhibiting at the event.

Designed to provide delegates with an introduction to Structural Asset Protection and Repair, the half-day CPD seminars offer an introduction to corrosion as well as techniques for repair, protection and strengthening.

This year’s CPD events have been fully revised and feature new presentations, offering an introduction to each of the key protection and repair techniques. Each event will cover causes of corrosion; electrochemical systems; concrete repairs and coatings; carbon fibre strengthening and sprayed concrete; as well as inspection and testing techniques. Events are scheduled to take place in Central London on 3 October and Birmingham on 7th November.

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Cemplas repairs Bottle Alley

Cemplas has carried out extensive repairs to Bottle Alley in Hastings, which forms the 480-metre long lower deck of the promenade that runs between the pier and Warrior Square.

Named after the countless multicoloured pieces of glass bottle embedded in the concrete, Bottle Alley, was designed & built in the 1930s by the town’s borough engineer Sidney Little.

Built to provide an undercover walkway in bad weather for seafront visitors, it had become dilapidated over many years and so vital renovation work had to be carried out to save the structure from further serious degradation.

Following a competitive tender process, Cemplas was appointed as principal contractor to carry out the concrete repair and protection work over a 12-week contract.
Following a full hammer survey to identify and mark-up defects, some 785 repairs had to be carried out along the full length of the structure. In excess of 6m3 of Remmers repair mortar was put back to make good the structure. Once repaired, the structure was protected using Remmers’ anti-carbonation coating.

Hastings Borough Council was given a £50,000 grant towards the cost of the work under the government's coastal revival fund, with essential works also having to be carried to the pier (by others). The project was among 77 across England to receive funding, including Brighton's derelict seafront arches.

For further information on this and other structural repair & protection projects contact Graeme Middleton on tel 0208 654 3149.

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CCL solutions for Liverpool One

CCL provided specialist advice to Liverpool One and Waterman on proposed modifications to an electronics store in the Paradise Street development.

Site 13b of Liverpool One consists of two levels of shop frontage with an elevated walkway along a pedestrian street. The original structure, built around 2005, included post-tensioned beams with a precast plank slab with in situ topping and integrated void formers.

A new tenant wished to remove some of the level two beams and slabs to create a 9,000 sq. ft. double height store with feature stairs and mezzanine floor.

CCL advised the installation of additional steelwork to accommodate the structural changes and extra loading on the level one PT slabs and beams; cutting of existing beams at level two; and removal of the adjacent slab.

Since the modifications changed the existing moments and shears in the level two beams, strengthening was required using CFRP plates to the soffit. In addition, one of the existing RC columns supporting the PT beam was replaced with a steel T-column section to support the beam end and the new steelwork installed in the opening created by removing the slab. CCL located the tendons within the PT beams, formed grout anchors and successfully cut the strands and reformed a visual concrete end to the beam.

The additional steelwork at level one imposed additional point loads so CCL performed design checks and installed a combination of CFRP laminate strips and CFRP wrapping to enhance the bending and shear capacity of the existing beams.

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UK production for Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair R2

Mapei is transferring production of Planitop Smooth and Repair R2 to its West Midlands manufacturing centre. The rapid-setting thixotropic and fibre-reinforced, cementitious mortar can be applied in a single layer from 3 to 40mm thickness and is ideal for repairing and smoothing concrete.

Paul Russell, Concrete Product Manager at Mapei commented: “Planitop Smooth and Repair R2 is an all- encompassing repair and smoothing mortar that has been used throughout Europe for many years. The success of this product within the UK has now enabled Mapei UK Ltd to produce this material at our Halesowen production facilities which enable a quicker route to market.”

Planitop Smooth and Repair R2, can be used on non-structural repairs and smoothing layers on internal and external, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, suitable for repairing structures exposed to the open air and permanent contact with water. Planitop Smooth and Repair R2 can be used for quick repairs to deteriorated parts in concrete such as corners of beams, as well as for the speedy smoothing over of surface defects in cast concrete, such as honeycombs, spacer holes and construction joints, before the surface is painted with a coating such as Mapei’s Elastocolor.

Mapei manufactures over 60 products in the UK at their base in Halesowen, West Midlands for the ceramic, resilient and building industries.

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Natural Cement cares for the future

Natural Cement has announced that two more of its products have achieved Regulation 31 approval from the Drinking Water Inspectorate. 

Natcem D & Waterstop are now approved for application in the provision of water supplied for drinking, washing, cooking or food production.

Waterstop is a fast-setting material based on a potable water approved natural cement, it is an environmentally friendly, fast-setting, water-stopping material that at 20ºC starts to set in 90 seconds and is totally set in 2½ minutes.

Natcem D is a blend of a natural cement and food grade retarders. It is a fine grout that is environmentally friendly and used for repairs around sewers, ground stabilisation, work around the sea, grouting around tunnel linings and areas where chemical attack or pollution is likely.

Natural Cement offers a wide range of Regulation 31 approved shotcretes, grouts, concrete repair & water stopping materials. The company is proud that its products contain no chemicals, making them environmentally-friendly. They produce no contaminated waste, even the packaging is recyclable. Unlike other manufacturers they do not require primers, bonding & or curing agents.

Offering a low carbon footprint is an essential part of the company’s global growth. The products are chemically resistant and easy to use, which results in even greater time savings. All the products are especially useful in wet and cold environments, some having been used down to -14°C with fast-setting and early strength gain being a standard feature.

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Sika offers investigation service

Global building product manufacturer, Sika, in conjunction with Vector Corrosion Technologies, has launched an investigation methods service to determine the root cause of corrosion within reinforced concrete.

The expert assessment can not only identify debilitating elements in buildings and infrastructure before visible damage occurs, it also helps inform the best course of action to take to avoid future corrosion and prolong the life of the structure.

Mark Shaw, Technical Manager at Sika, said: “In order to protect and prolong the life of a building, early corrosion diagnosis is vital. Our investigation service offers a reliable test as to how a building is reacting to its surrounding environment.

“It assesses the overall state of the concrete and helps determine the type of remedial action – if any – is required. The service is an extension of Sika’s Total Corrosion Management solution that offers the best principles and methods of concrete repair and protection in accordance with EN 1504.”

Investigation methods carried out during Sika’s concrete assessment service include a visual survey of corrosion damage; dust sample analysis for chloride content; cover meter readings; carbonation; steel half-cell mapping; steel continuity; steel corrosion-rate mapping, and concrete resistivity mapping.

To ensure the right concrete management corrosion system is specified for the repair and protection of your building, contact our investigation team on 01707 394 444. They will work with you to develop a full-site survey scheme and provide an analysis of results which will determine the best course of preventive action to take.

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CRL wins highways framework contracts

Concrete Repairs Ltd is pleased to announce the award of two Highways England Construction Works Frameworks for structural concrete repairs for Areas 13&14 in the North and 1&2 in the South West.

The works will include concrete repairs and the installation of cathodic protection systems for highway structures working as the principal contractor or specialist framework contractor. The contracts were awarded on the basis of quality and price with a rigorous Health & Safety assessment.

Areas 13&14 is a four year contract with a value up to £15M and with CRL as the sole contractor. Areas 1&2 is a 4 year contract split between two contractors with a value up to £13.7M. CRL will be working closely with the client to help develop schemes at the value engineering stage, introducing new ideas and innovation based on its 60 years’ experience in the industry. The company looks forward to working with Highways England as a collaborative member of the community helping to deliver the Roads Investment Strategy in these regions.

CRL has been consistently at the forefront of asset maintenance technology in the highways sector helping to develop cathodic protection systems and the use of carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites for structural strengthening. The company has also assisted in the development of industry standards and guidance documents with the Concrete Society, CIRIA, European Technical Committees and trade associations.

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Flexcrete strengthened by acquisition

Concrete repair and protection manufacturer Flexcrete Technologies Ltd has been acquired by leading global paints and coatings company AkzoNobel. As part of the acquisition, 100% of the shares in Flexcrete Technologies Ltd have been acquired by AkzoNobel.

Flexcrete has been working alongside AkzoNobel since 2010, principally in China and Australia, with the introduction of a range of mortars and cementitious coatings which has proven highly successful when used in combination with the established AkzoNobel resin-based coating and lining systems.

Flexcrete’s original Founders Graham James OBE and Chris Lloyd will continue to manage the existing day-to-day sales, manufacturing and technical operations from Flexcrete’s head office and manufacturing complex in Leyland, Lancashire, and all Flexcrete staff have been retained as part of the acquisition. AkzoNobel is committed to a long-term presence on the existing Flexcrete site in Leyland.

Graham James OBE, Co-Founder of Flexcrete Technologies Ltd said: “We are excited about the huge benefits that the acquisition will bring. Although it will be very much business as usual and contacts will remain the same for our customers, the acquisition will enable us to build on our capabilities as a niche technology provider with the development of new, innovative and sustainable solutions for our target markets.

“We will benefit enormously from access to AkzoNobel’s Technical Centre in Felling where over 300 staff focus on R&D related activities and intend to strengthen the Flexcrete brand and increase sales both in the UK and overseas,” he continued.

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Fosroc repairs Campbell Road Bridge

Repairs were required to the Campbell Road Bridge near Stoke-on-Trent which carries the A500 over the River Trent. Water contaminated with chlorides was found to be leaking through the longitudinal and transverse bridge joints onto the supporting crossbeams and columns causing corrosion, delamination and spalling of the structure.

Working together with concrete repair specialists CLM, Fosroc proposed Renderoc LA60, designed for the reinstatement of reinforced concrete where low permeability characteristics are required and where high compressive strength is a consideration. Renderoc LA60 is suitable for use where excellent chloride and carbon dioxide resistance is required making it ideal for highways repairs where these chemicals are usually present.

During testing carried out at Aston University to ensure the product conformed to Highways England requirements, the quality of the material was commented on as being some of the best material they have seen in years.

Renderoc LA60 is easy to use requiring only the addition of clean water on site and can typically be applied in thicknesses between 25 and 300mm. Site operatives mixing and placing the material said how easy the mixing was and that the material did not segregate during placement, which helped with the successful delivery of the project on time. The works were completed with a uniformed sprayed concrete finish using Renderoc DS.

Renderoc LA60 is alkaline in nature and will protect the embedded steel reinforcement, providing a durable and sustainable solution for the repairs to the Campbell Road Bridge.

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Freyssinet protects M6 Smart Motorways

Carillion and Kier, working as a joint venture on behalf of Highways England, approached Tarmac in conjunction with Freyssinet to work on the multi-million pound M6 J16-19 Smart Motorway upgrade programme between Crewe and Knutsford.  A concrete repair solution was sought that would not require further intervention for a minimum of five years post-construction.

Each complete pier was encapsulated with a with a full-width single-leaf structure. Above the first lift, individual columns were encased where the original foundations were too weak for the extra weight of complete encapsulation.

The encapsulation and encasement designs were very thin and congested with reinforcement, a highly-workable self-compacting concrete was used for the first time in a vertical pour to deliver the finished structure.
The material was “Topflow” from Tarmac which successfully flowed around the form and congested reinforcement without any vibration which would have damaged the ICCP mesh. Therefore, required strength was easily achieved.
To overcome the challenge of the remaining chloride contaminated concrete, an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system was designed, which included provision for Impressed Current Cathodic Prevention within the ‘new’ parts of the structure.

This included unique technology developed by Freyssinet/CCSL for use in structures in the Middle East, where new reinforced concrete structures, such as the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, regularly incorporate Impressed Current Cathodic Prevention in their design. As well as offering corrosion prevention to the new layer of reinforcement the solution also provides a combined benefit of future corrosion protection against the existing reinforcement.

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Saint-Gobain Weber repairs sea defence

High performance webercem spray RS repair concrete, by Saint-Gobain Weber, has been specified for the protection of Coronation Parade, a 340m concrete sea wall in Folkestone

As a result of decades of continuous tidal erosion, the 1930s concrete structure had suffered from impact damage and chloride ingress, which had led to corrosion of the steel reinforcement and associated concrete spalling. 

After testing by Birmingham City Laboratories, part of Birmingham-based Acivico, main contractor Concrete Repairs Limited addressed the poor condition of the structure using hydro-demolition. The repairs to reinstate the concrete with sufficient cover to the reinforcement had to include a repair method that would work within the short low tide cycle. 

A sprayed concrete repair method was specified using webercem spray RS. This is a polymer modified, rapid setting, dry-sprayed concrete which is ideal for permanent repairs where time constraints, such as tidal flow, demand early strength gain. 

This highly technical product gives an initial set in just 15 minutes and in six hours has a compressive strength of 10-15 N/mm².  This rapid setting capacity prevents wash out from the tidal water flow and minimises the penetration of chlorides.

Designed by Weber specifically for use in marine applications, repairs to river bridge abutments or piers, and structural repairs to concrete beams, columns and soffits, webercem spray RS has passed the stringent freeze/thaw test required for durability and the bonding adhesive standards of BS EN1504.

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VolkerLaser reach new heights on Mersey Gateway

After two years of working on the Mersey Gateway scheme, VolkerLaser has begun bridge deck waterproofing works on the new Mersey Gateway crossing.

Working on a total of 14 different structures, the business has delivered a range of specialisms to Merseylink Civil Contractors Joint Venture, such as waterproofing, expansion joints, concrete repair, bearing replacement, cathodic protection, hydro-demolition and spray concrete.

To deliver the 50,000m2 of waterproofing, VolkerLaser is utilising Stirling Lloyd’s two coat Eliminator system, chosen to ensure a rapid and safe application without compromising quality.

The project will deliver a new six-lane cable-stayed toll bridge over the river Mersey, and a 9.2km road network connecting the bridge to the main motorway network in the North West, relieving the congested and ageing Silver Jubilee Bridge.

In order to facilitate the programme, waterproofing works are starting in advance of the structure being fully constructed. Volkerlaser’s specialist spraying wagons had to be lifted into place as the bridge was not yet fully joined together.

Upon completion, the scheme will showcase VolkerLaser’s impressive multifunctional specialisms, including concrete repair to existing structures, expansion joints, hydrodemolition and cathodic protection.

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Innovative solutions from StoCretec

StoCretec has launched three innovative new products into the UK market. StoCrete SM, StoCrete SM P and StoCrete RM F offer quick, proven and reliable solutions which save both time and money for a wide range of concrete repairs.

StoCrete SM is a 3-in-1 repair mortar which is simply applied, sponged down and is then typically ready to receive a top coat in just 4 hours. StoCrete SM P adds the benefit of corrosion protection, which saves even more time by eliminating the need for this to be carried out as a separate operation. Both products are rated Class R2 to EN 1504-3, and are available in 25kg sacks, or handy 10kg pails. The pails are resealable, greatly reducing wastage.

StoCrete RM F is for flooring repairs where there is a need to repair small defects, produce fillets, falls, or level uneven areas quickly and easily. It provides superb workability, and is the ideal choice for smaller flooring jobs which require a quick fix with a reliable, professional finish. Rated as a class R3 to EN1504-3, StoCrete RM F is trafficable, impermeable to water and resistant to salt and frost. It is also supplied in resealable pails.

The three new products form part of the wider StoCretec range of concrete solutions, which have recently been introduced to the UK for the first time. StoCretec has over 40 years’ experience in this field and offers a full range of solutions for any type of project.

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Resapol London relocation

The Resapol London depot has completed its relocation to bigger and better premises.

Resapol’s London depot has historically been one of the company’s busiest branches, experiencing a number of very profitable years since the branch was officially established in 2002. Recent months have seen further growth, with the depot consistently bringing in a vast range of customers from various sectors, resulting in the old depot being both undersized and impractical.

The search for a new depot has been a long and intense process; company directors Sean Ofsarnie and Lloyd Phillips, with the help of London manager Richard Lomas, have been delving deep into the London area, canvassing potential suitable premises over the last several months.

After much deliberation the new depot was chosen, in a location just 0.4 miles from the old depot in Park Royal. Situated on Abbey Road just off the North Circular Road, the excellent transport links in the area played a massive part in deciding the location. With customers and suppliers set to the visit the depot on a daily basis, it was important that the new location was easily accessible.

The new premises also comes fully equipped with a larger warehouse space, which will allow the team to offer more stocked materials in greater quantities, reducing the time taken to get products on site and ready to use.

Resapol London is now located at 738 Tudor House, Abbey Road, Park Royal, London, NW10 7UN. Call 0800 083 1942 for more information.

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Structural Concrete Alliance partners with the M&CCE Expo 2017

The Structural Concrete Alliance has joined forces with the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo 2017 as an official partner ahead of the event’s highly anticipated return on the 27th & 28th of September at ExCeL London.

The Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo is simply unique; it’s the UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to showcasing the latest equipment and solutions for marine, coastal and other challenging civil engineering projects.

This standout exhibition regularly attracts partnerships with major players from across the industry. Structural Concrete Alliance’s inclusion in the 2017 show only reinforces this reputation further and adds to the growing roster of large organisations choosing this event to reveal their latest offerings and ground-breaking innovations.

Over 1,500 industry professionals will fill the exhibition hall to meet over 200 innovative suppliers, 100 CPD-accredited expert-led seminars, live demonstrations on the River Thames, insightful case studies, one-to-one advice from industry experts, unparalleled networking opportunities, free access to the Flood Expo and the Contamination Expo Series next door, much more.

To discover more reasons why this event is unmissable and to book your Free Ticket, visit the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo website.

If you're a supplier and are interested in exhibiting your products or services to the thousands of key decision makers in attendance, contact Event Director Gary Hall on +44 (0) 0117 929 6087 or

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