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The Sprayed Concrete Association has updated the Introduction to Sprayed Concrete


The Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA), one of the Associations that comprise the Structural Concrete Alliance, has released an upated edition of its Introduction to Sprayed Concrete.

The document, which aims to demonstrate the wide uses and versatility of sprayed concrete, describes the broad range of commonly used processes and materials available in the marketplace. It also offers best practice advice, explaining to the user the best ways of carrying out these processes safely to produce a high quality end product.

Arranged in 16 chapters, the Introduction to Sprayed Concrete is designed to be used by industry professionals who require basic practical knowledge of sprayed concrete techniques and is not intended to be a comprehensive Specification or Standard. 

It provides an introduction to material and process considerations including the properties & advantages of sprayed concrete; wet and dry processes; robotic equipment; surface finishes and constituent materials. It also discusses control issues such as health & safety; quality control & testing; training & certification; and design & specification; and provides a useful glossary of terms.

The guide encourages users to always specify an SCA member for advice, design, supply and application of sprayed concrete, explaining that SCA members have the training, experience and skills to ensure a professional approach and quality finish.

The document is available for free download from the SCA website or a hard copy can be purchased for £20.












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